We opened our bookstore in 2000 with the help of family and friends.  We loved books and reading and desired to offer the public an outlet for their previously-read books and a place to purchase books at a reduced price.   We have both paperback and hardcover books.
We also love coffee, so it always smells delicious here. Please come and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while browsing for books! 

  • New books- We carry a small selection of favorite new children's books if you need a baby shower present or a birthday gift.
  • Other new books ordered on request
  • New adult coloring books
  • Dayspring boxed greeting cards and Little Inspiration cards
  • Leanin' Tree greeting cards, bookmarks, coffee mugs and magnets
  • Paramount coffee

Purchasing Used Books (No Credit)

  • Pay 50% of original retail price

​Exchange Guidelines

  • Books are evaluated based on condition, current inventory, and demand
  • The highest retail price of any book exchanged or purchased is $10  (for example: a book with an original retail price of $25.00 will be valued at a $10.00 retail before our calculations for receiving credit or determining amount due)
  • All acceptable books receive a credit of 50% of the original retail price
  • (Credit has no monetary value and may only be used to reduce cost when buying books)
  • NOTE* You will always pay something for the books you buy
  • Inactive credit accounts expire after 3 years and will be purged
  • It is the customer's responsibility to retain proof of credit balance

Did You Know That We Also Sell...

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Used Book Exchange Policy

Books We can't use

  • Damaged (loose pages, broken spines, mildewed, smelly, writing, and stickers)
  • Series Romances prior to 2015
  • Textbooks
  • Reader's Digest
  • Ex-library books
  • Any other condition owner finds offensive

Welcome Friends!

Purchasing Used Books (With Credit)

  • Pay 25% of original retail price