Books We can't use

  • Damaged (loose pages, broken spines, mildewed, smelly, writing, and stickers)
  • Series Romances prior to 2014
  • Textbooks
  • Reader's Digest
  • Ex-library books
  • Any other condition owner finds offensive

Welcome Friends!

Purchasing Used Books (No Credit)

  • Pay 50% of original retail price

​Exchange Guidelines

  • Books are evaluated based on condition, current inventory, and demand
  • The highest retail price of any book exchanged or purchased is $10
  • All acceptable books receive a credit of 50% of the original retail price
  • (Credit has no monetary value and may only be used to reduce cost when buying books)
  • NOTE* You will always pay something for the books you buy
  • Inactive credit accounts expire after 3 years and will be purged
  • It is the customer's responsibility to retain proof of credit balance

Purchasing Used Books (With Credit)

  • Pay a handling fee of 25% of retail price

We opened our bookstore in 2000 with the help of family and friends.  We loved books and reading and desired to offer the public an outlet for their previously-read books and a place to purchase books at a reduced price.   We have both paperback and hardcover books.
We also love coffee, so it always smells delicious here. Please come and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while browsing for books! 

Exchange Policy

Purchasing Used Books (No Credit)

  • Pay 50% of original retail price

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